Your membership helps bring the hatchery experience alive by providing tours, information, and visitor services to over 150,000 visitors each year. Visitors to the hatchery experience and educational closeup view of fish production and the history of fisheries and conservation in America. In addition, your membership helps with numerous other projects such as youth education programs and historical restoration of the grounds.


Established by the Booth Society in 2004, the Generations Fund is an endowment with the South Dakota Community Foundation to ensure that D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery exists as a free family attraction for generations to come. Donors to our endowment are recognized on the Generations Fund Brickwalk next to the Ice House on the hatchery grounds. This brickwalk honors donors in six giving categories: $100-$249 $250-$549, $550-$999, $1000-$1499, $1500-$2499 and $2500-$3999. Each brick is engraved with the donor's name. As donors continue to support the endowment over the years, their brick is moved to the appropriate section recognizing their total gift.

We hope you'll join the many who have pledged their support to the long-term preservation of D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery & Archives by donating to the Generations Endowment Fund. Your tax-deductible contribution can be made through a variety of financial mechanisms, including estate planning, and can be made at any time.

To contribute or for more information, please contact April Gregory, Booth Society Executive Director, at (605) 642-7730, ext. 221 or



License Plate Decals

Show your support for D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery with fish license plates!

Organization plates are available to anyone in South Dakota with a non-commercial vehicle. Go to your county treasure’s office to get them. If you want your new plates when you go to register a vehicle at your county treasurer's office, no additional fees are charged. If you want organization plates AFTER you’ve already registered your vehicle, you'll have to give your old plates back and pay a $10 fee to their county treasurer for your new organization plates. The county treasurer's office will issue you blank organization plates. More information about organization plates is available on The State of South Dakota department of Motor Vehicles website or by contacting your county treasurer's office.

Use the “Donate” link below to pay for your decals - in the notes section be sure to put “license plates.” You can put your new plates on your vehicle while you wait to receive your decals. We’ll mail you your new decals in about a week.

The cost of your decals is a contribution to the Booth Society and is tax deductible. Your donation will help promote, preserve, and enhance D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery.

  • One Vehicle (2 decals) -$20
  • Two Vehicles (4 decals) -$35


The Booth Society manages retail sales; coordinates the volunteer program; develops educational curriculum and school outreach; advocates for the hatchery on local, state, and national levels; supports hatchery operations; coordinates the South Dakota Junior Duck Stamp Contest; and supports Friends Group development locally and nationally.

Your donation to the Booth Society will help ensure that all of this continues—and that the hatchery remains a free attraction for everyone.

Donations may be mailed to:

The Booth Society
423 Hatchery Circle
Spearfish, SD  57783

You can also donate online by clicking the “Donate” button below. Your donation to The Booth Society is safe and secure. Our online donation processing company is PayPal, a widely used, guaranteed secure, national online payment processing company that accepts all major credit cards. Please note, you do not have to set up a PayPal account to make an online donation. Free free to send any amount you wish from $1.00 on up. These funds go directly into The Booth Society's bank account, which allows us to use your donation immediately.



*If you experience difficulty with payment, try using a different browser (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer seem to be the most reliable) or give us a call and become a member via phone at 605.642.7730 ext.205.  


The D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery & Archives simply would not be the treasure it is without the time and efforts of our many volunteers. Our volunteers contribute over 14,000 hours of service to the hatchery annually. Local and traveling volunteers give their time and talents to better the facilities’ visitor program, beautify the grounds, and increase the museum’s catalogued archived collection. At D.C. Booth, we are able to keep the grounds open 365 days a year and the buildings open seasonally due to the dedication and support from the volunteer programs.

We have volunteer opportunities for all ages. Click here for more information about those opportunities.

Video: Introducing DC Booth Fish Hatchery