The Railcar

Before the invention of refrigerated tanker trucks, fish hatcheries were faced with the problem of how to quickly move fish from hatcheries to lakes and rivers around the country. 

During the Fish Car Era, ten specifically designed railcars were constructed; and by 1920, fish cars had carried over 72 billion fish across 2 million miles of railroad track. D.C. Booth displays the only federal fisheries railcar exhibit in the country, showcasing a replica of Fish Car No. 3. Visitors to this unique and beautifully-restored railcar will learn about the history of the Fish Car Era, a 66-year period that played a key role in fisheries propagation.

The Ice House is a replica of the 1899 original. Blocks of ice were cut from the ponds in the winter and stored in the ice house for use in summer transportation of the fish and eggs. Today, the Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society (link) uses the Ice House as the permanent location of the Fish Culture Hall of Fame and honors those who advanced the science of aquaculture. The Ice House also contains education information on fish and fish mount replicas.

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