The Booth Society manages visitor services, the volunteer program, educational and outreach programs, coordinates special events and community outreach, manages retail sales, advocates for the hatchery, coordinates rentals in Ruby’s Garden, and supports Friends Groups nationally.  As a non-profit, citizen-based group, the Society relies on donations, sales, and City subsidy funding to promote, preserve, and enhance the educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities at the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery.

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MISSION STATEMENT:  Promoting, preserving and enhancing the educational, cultural and recreational opportunities at D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery & Archives, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife

The Booth Society does not own the fish hatchery, the Society serves as a nonprofit friends support group for the hatchery and works closely with the entity that does own the hatchery – the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. To learn more about the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, CLICK HERE.

Programs supported by the Booth Society include:

  • Volunteer Program – Buildings open during summer season
  • School Educational Tours and Bus Tours
  • Hatchery Special Events:  Booth Day, Father’s Day Brunch, Hatchery Holidays
  • Generations Endowment
  • Grounds Maintenance and Improvement
  • Grant Writing
  • Advocacy
  • Land Acquisition Project
  • Friends Group Support for Refuges and Hatcheries

Distinguished Hatchery Friends

The Booth Society Inc., is a non-profit, volunteer, public service organization. The mission of the society is to support, enhance, and further the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery & Archives public programs. The Society functions and grows, providing support because of exceptional and exemplary service and actions by individuals, groups of people, and other entities. Because of these special acts and special services, the society has established a special Hatchery Friends Brickwalk.


To be considered for the honor, these individuals must have contributed to the Society in at least one of the following categories:

  • Leadership – Must have provided excellent leadership in motivating, organizing, and furthering the objectives of the Booth Society Inc., and the D.C. Booth Hatchery.
  • Support – Must have either visibly or behind the scenes provided special extra ordinary support the Booth Society Inc., and the D.C. Booth Hatchery.
  • Direction – Must have provided special guidance, counsel or advice to the Booth Society Inc., helping the Society to maintain a clear focus and direction.
  • Cooperation – Must have given exceptional cooperation or been an exceptional cooperator in futhering the goals and objectives of the Booth Society Inc., and teh DC Booth Hatchery.
  • Program Support – Must have provided extra program support through personal time, services, maintenance, volunteerism, construction, etc.
  • Contributions – Must have provided exceptional contributions of time, financial support, materials, or other resources.


Those individuals selected from either one or a combination of categories will be selected by the committee and approved by the Booth Society Inc., Board with concurrence of the D.C. Booth Hatchery Director. The selectees will have a recogniction brick permanently placed into the Brickwalk on the grounds of the D.C. Booth Hatchery and will receive a plague highlighting their recognition.

2023 Distinguished Friend

Edward (Ted) Maillett

2023 Distinguished Friend

Max Merchen as D.C. Booth

2022 Distinguished Friend

Dr. James Hess

2022 Distinguished Friend

150th Commemorative Committee

2021 Distinguished Friend

Karen Holzer, Kindra Gordon, Joanna Jones (not pictured) and Bill Feterl, creators of “Let’s Feed the Fish” book.

2020 Distinguished Friend

Black Hills Beer Run

2020 Distinguished Friend

Spread the Tunes

2019 Distinguished Friends
  • Lynn Tjeerdsma
  • Renee Munasifi
2018 Distinguished Friends
  • Crow Peak Brewery
  • The Doerges Family
2017 Distinguished Friends
  • Kristi Noem
  • April Gregory
2016 Distinguished Friends
  • Jo Kallemeyn
  • Larry Kallemeyn
2015 Distinguished Friends
  • Don Nichols
  • Carol Athow
  • Sen. John Thune
2014 Distinguished Friends
  • Craig Springer
  • David Nickel
  • Mike Walton
2013 Distinguished Friends
  • Steve Brimm
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Jeff Randall
2012 Distinguished Friends
  • Dr. David Spencer
  • Sandy & Larry Klarenbeck
  • Terry & Susan Hupp
2011 Distinguished Friends
  • Christmas Ladies
  • Myles Kennedy
  • Eric Davis
2010 Distinguished Friends
  • Stewart Huntington
  • Ron Schuttler
  • Frank Tainter
2009 Distinguished Friends
  • Dr. Joseph B. Hunn
  • Kathryn Cole
  • Premier Bankcard
2008 Distinguished Friends
  • Jerry & Pat French
  • Delores Holso
  • French – Bay Leaf
2007 Distinguished Friends
  • City of Spearfish
  • Judy & Lennis Larson
  • Roger Lessly
2006 Distinguished Friends
  • Jim Maher
  • Chris Hanson
  • Fred Romkema
2005 Distinguished Friends
  • Rhoda Lewis
  • Arlene Hindbjorgen
  • Paul Higbee
2004 Distinguished Friends
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Jim & Beth Benning
  • Steve & Marcia Sharp
2003 Distinguished Friends
  • Ben & Carol Henry
  • Gary Edwards
  • Wally Steuke
2002 Distinguished Friends
  • Gary Richards
  • Ernest Bantam
  • Senator Johnson
2001 Distinguished Friends
  • John Vigna – posthumusly
  • Madaline Custis
  • Delmar Junek – posthumusly
1999 Distinguished Friends
  • Dr. David B. Miller – poshumusly
  • Kay Jorgensen
  • Ruth Quinn
1998 Distinguished Friends
  • Lee & John Ervin
  • Shelia & Don Aaker
  • Mary Ellen & Will Lantis