South dakota Junior Duck program

The Junior Duck Stamp Program is an annual art contest that provides students with the opportunity to learn about biology and express their knowledge of the beauty, diversity, and interdependence of wildlife through art.

The Junior Duck Stamp Contest, partnered with a dynamic arts curriculum, teaches wetlands and waterfowl conservation to students in kindergarten through high school.

Since the Junior Duck Stamp Contest was introduced in South Dakota in 1993, over 10,000 students have submitted artwork in the state.  In 2017, nearly 500 South Dakota students participated in the program; and throughout the United States, over 27,000 students submitted artwork to a state contest.

Annual revenue from the sales of Junior Duck Stamps raises an estimated $200,000 annually to fund scholarships, support the contest, and to create environmental education opportunities for students who participate in the program.

Thousands of dollars in prizes for South Dakota winners! Art Supplies, Books and DVD’s, Fine Art Prints, T-Shirts, and more.

Traveling Jr. Duck Stamp Exhitbit

From June through March, we will be shipping a mobile exhibit to schools and businesses with the top submissions form last year’s Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. Do you know of someone who would like to display 2020 winning artwork for a week? Contact us for more info.

Jr. Duck Curriculums

We have curriculums that incorporate science, biology, writing, reading and art. The Junior Duck Stamp Contest can be easily paired with a dynamic curriculum that is free and available for teachers. We can ship one to teachers right away in order to incorporate more educational aspects into the art contest.

For more information about the South Dakota contest, click the links on this page.

2019 Jr Duck Stamps

2019 Junior Duck Stamps are available for sale at the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery. The cost is $5. Proceeds fund scholarships and the Junior Duck Stamp Program. Contact Karen Holzer for more information or to purchase one for your collection.

CONTEST DEADLINE: March 15th every year


2020 SD Best of Show Winner:

Madison Grimm,  13, Wallace, SD

2020 Conservation Message Winner

Erika Symens (Amherst, SD) – Age 14

“Conservation today, hope for tomorrow.”

2020 South Daktoa Winners

Entry Deadline: MARCH 15

SD Judging: MARCH 31

(Pavillion – Spearfish, SD)

SD State Awards: APRIL 18

(Tentatively planned for Mitchell, SD)

Click Here for 2020 Honorable Mentions.

2019 Best In Show

Jane Doerges (Spearfish, SD) – Age 15


Erika Symens (Amherst, SD) – Age 13

Preserve the present for the well-being of the future.

2019 South Daktoa Winners

2018 SD Best of Show Winner Quinn Kribell, Age 18, Beresford, SD


Grace Bailey, Roscoe

“Tomorrow’s future starts today. Preserve and conserve.”

2018 South Daktoa Winners

2017 Contest Winners

Click here to see the entries in 2017 for the South Dakota Jr. Duck contest. Click Here to view groups and their winners names.

2016 Contest Winners

Click here to see the entries in 2016 for the South Dakota Jr. Duck contest.

2015 Contest Winners

Click here to see the entries in 2015 for the South Dakota Jr. Duck contest.

South Dakota’s Duck Stamp Coordinator


Booth Society’s  Executive Director, Karen Holzer, is the Duck Stamp Coordinator for South Dakota.  The Booth Society works in cooperation with  the Fish and Wildlife Service to operate the D.C. Booth Historic National  Fish Hatchery & Archives in Spearfish, South Dakota.


Contact Information:

SD Jr. Duck Stamp State Coordinator

Karen Holzer

D.C. Booth HNFH

423 Hatchery Circle

Spearfish, SD 57783

605.642.7730 ext. 221