Booth Society Land Management

 The Booth Society capital campaign was a success!

We proudly made the final payment on our loan in September 2020. Our goals and objectives, as presented to the community during our fundraising efforts, of our 64 acre land acquisition continue to be as follows:

       *First and foremost is the protection of the hatchery ground water supply which is important for fish culture purposes and the viability of the hatchery’s existence into the future.

     *Conservation of open space for the preservation of native habitat and the species that utilize it

      *Prevent the construction of a housing development overlooking and ruining the aesthetics of a historic property and popular tourist attraction

     *Access for educational groups

      *Public access in the form of a pedestrian walking trail which may include interpretive signage

Currently, the Booth Society is developing a management plan that will layout specifics to our directives and goals. In the meantime, our small non-profit cannot allow public access for risk and liability purposes.  We were happy to learn of, through the City’s news release on March 2, 2021, that the City of Spearfish has a proposal to create a Thoen Stone trail proposal to link to City Park. The possibility of expanding the trail network onto the Booth Society land is something we will take into consideration. However, until we are squared away on our management plan, we cannot commit to commencing with trail construction or a June 2021 completion date as suggested in the news release.

Again, we thank our donors for supporting the Booth Society objectives and goals for the land parcel. We look forward to providing updates as things progress!

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 In the face of growing development pressure, the Booth Society Inc. launched an initiative to protect the watershed, habitat and historic integrity of the beloved D.C. Booth hatchery. The Booth Society Land Acquisition Campaign  has been completed because of the  help and generosity of hatchery supporters like you. The final payment on the land was made in September 2020. We will be moving forward on a land management plan in the near future. We will be providing information to the community in regard to details allowing public access.  Thank you!

This pristine, undeveloped piece of land sits adjacent to the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery & Archives. Its 64.62 acres are important to many species of native and migratory birds, plants and wildlife including the rare Black Hills mountain snail (Oreohelix cooperi). 

Conserving this property will:

  • Expand existing interpretation and visitor and youth education opportunities.
  • Enhance wildlife habitat.
  • Protect the hatchery watershed and ground water supply.
  • Prevent houses from overlooking the historic property.
  • Secure pristine upland prairie and scattered ponderosa forest from development.

Together, we can conserve, preserve, and protect this land for FUTURE GENERATIONS.


Thank you for your support!

Opportunity for recreational and education use could include expanding existing nature trails, environmental and cultural resource interpretation, youth education programs, wildlife observation/photography, and promotion of natural resource and conservation programs. Money donated for these opportunities, will be earmarked and used specifically for that purpose.

Please consider making a donation today, large or small.

Mail a check for any amount to:

Booth Society,

423 Hatchery CiR.,

Spearfish, SD  57783


Contribute Securely via PayPal:

THank you for your support in our future plans!

Together, we can conserve, preserve, and protect this land for everyone.