Judging Procedure

Junior Duck artwork is judged by a process of elimination. All of the artwork for an age group is displayed on tables, and each judge selects 10 pieces of art to keep in the competition. Thus, after the first round of elimination, all but 50 pieces are removed from competition. Next, each judge selects 5 pieces they would like to see advance to the next round, thus cutting the number of pieces down the 25. Then, each judge selects 3 pieces, reducing the number of entries down to 15. During the next tow eliminations, eliminated art is marked “honorable Mention.” The judges then score the remaining 10 pieces. The three highest scores are marked “First Place.” The next are marked “Second Place,” the next pieces are marked “Third Place,” and the final piece is marked “Honorable Mention.” This process is repeated for all four age groups. Finally, all 12 “First Place” pieces are judged for “Best of Show.”

The entire judging process takes about four hours. During the judging, there are no artist names, hometowns, or schools visible to the judges or the spectators; the judging is completely anonymous. No one is allowed to discuss the artwork with the judges, and they may not discuss amongst each other. The only person who may touch the artwork is the contest coordinator.

Following judging, the art entries are open for public viewing. Approximately 100 people came to view the artwork. Students from Spearfish who stopped by after the judging show off their artwork that they entered (2012).

Do you want to help with the Junior Duck Stamp Program?

The Booth Society is currently recruiting volunteers to help with the Junior Duck Stamp Program. Volunteers are needed to:

  • Schedule and lead classroom visits to promote the contest across the state
  • Set up a mobile Jr. Duck exhibit at community locations around South Dakota
  • Assist with set up and execution of a large judging event and public reception

Volunteer opportunities with the contest are varied and flexible,  and some volunteer opportunities could include reimbursable expenses for travel across the state.

People who may be interested in helping coordinate the contest are encouraged to call Karen Holzer at (605) 642-7730 ext 221 or director@dcboothfishhatchery.org.

Please remember these important reminders before you submit your artwork.

  • Loons and Mute Swans are not permitted species. Artwork deciding these birds will be disqualified.  Image must be a live portrayal of a native North American duck, swan or goose.
  • A completed entry form must be taped to the backside of the artwork.
  • The physical size of submitted artwork must be 9” x 12”.
  • Entries must e less than 1/4” thick.
  • Image layout must be horizontal.
  • Entires should not be matted.
  • There should be no border around the image.
  • A loose, detachable cover sheet may be laid over the art face to protect it during shipping. Spray chalk and pastel entries with a fixative to eliminate possible scuffing and smudging during transfer of artwork.
  • The entry may be multi-color, black and white, or a single color; it may be rendered in ink, pain, pastel, crayon or pencil.
  • Techniques may include scratch-board, airbrush, linoleum printing, paper collage, dry brush, crosshatch, pointillism, etc. No photography, weak pencil, or computer-generated art will be accepted.
  • No lettering, works signatures or initials may appear on the front of the design. Inclusion of such markings will result in disqualification.
  • Design entries must be contestant’s original, hand-drawn creation and may not be traced or copied from published photographs or other artists’ works.
  • Photographs taken by the student may be used as references in the development of the design. Computers or other mechanical devices may not be used in creating artwork.

Traveling Jr. Duck Stamp Exhibit

From December through March, we will be shipping a mobile exhibit to schools and businesses with the top submissions form last year’s Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. Do you know of someone who would like to display 2019 winning artwork for a week? Contact us!

Jr. Duck Curriculums

We have curriculums that incorporate science, biology, writing, reading and art. The Junior Duck Stamp Contest can be easily paired with a dynamic curriculum that is free and available for teachers. We can ship one to teachers right away in order to incorporate more educational aspects into the art contest.